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Expert Design Consultation

Electric Elves provides top quality service for holiday projects, both large and small. A professional from our estimate team can help you design the lighting to bring out the natural beauty of your home. We provide, custom fit, and maintain the lights at no additional cost. After the New Year, the lights are removed and safely stored at our location for the following holiday season.

Residential Christmas Light Installation

We are not your average Christmas light installers in Seattle and Bainbridge Island when it comes to residential holiday lighting. With our years of experience, we light up existing landscape, roof lines, grand entrances, driveways, pathways, walkways, gardens, outside hardscapes such as patio coverings and pool houses and more. We will not leave you with an average installation. Our crew is very familiar with various types of lighting material and will install all holiday lighting designs with little mess, clutter or disruption of your daily lives. From a residential tract home to a broader estate property, our goal is to ready your home for an exciting holiday season, giving you the ability to welcome your guests with warm and inviting lighting.

Electric Elves highlights the unique aspects of your home at all levels – bringing out the best in your landscape, your home’s architecture and the overall feel of your property.

During the holiday season, you can be the best house to remind neighbors of the spirit of the holidays. You already bring a custom feel to your home by adding your own touch of decoration.

Commercial Christmas Light Installation

For your commercial sites – we install holiday lights on rooflines, promenades, entryways, building entrances, entrance and exit doors, walkways and pathways, existing landscapes and more. Trees, bushes and planters can be illuminated with multi-colored lights including using LED and C-9 lights as well as more materials available.

Electric Elves designers and installers are experts in installing LED lights as well as all lighting material including spotlights, mass footage of hanging lights and accent lights on such things as artificial pine trees and more.

Christmas Light Installers in Seattle and Bainbridge Island

Our Christmas light installers have the expertise to give you the best possible installation for your holiday lighting investment. Our holiday lighting installers not only work on holiday lighting, but also on landscape and roofs during the off-season, so they know how to light up every aspect of your home whether it is a tricky area or a spacious layout. Our installations for your holiday lighting will be seamless and professional.
Our lighting projects are designed with craft and care and state of the art material is used in the installations. We work with many businesses and residents all across King and Kitsap Counties and welcome the chance to illuminate the night at your property!

Contact us today to talk about your holiday lighting needs and visions. Don’t forget to plan ahead for your holiday lighting installation needs.